Tailor Your Relocation Program with a Core/Flex Approach

Powered by MovePro360—Cartus' exclusive single source of truth platform—Benefits Builder delivers the two most-requested capabilities in relocation today: cost management and personalization.

Benefits Builder offers relocating employees choice and control during their move and enables clients to manage relocation budgets more precisely.

Tech-enabled Budgeting and Cost Savings

BB Bar Graph_1b.gifBased on internal Cartus benchmarking, companies that implement a core/flex program reduce overall program costs by 10-20%, on average—with some seeing savings as high as 60%. Companies can create a unique program designed around "core" benefits which are selected based upon a company's culture and business goals while engaging employees to choose the "flexible" options that work best for them and their families.

Benefits Builder brings together all of the most important elements of the relocation experience so Mobility and HR professionals can meet their goals in the areas of cost, compliance, talent management, and duty of care.

Next-level Flexibility for All

Using a flexible, points- or currency-based allocation system, Benefits Builder brings an element of gamification to the increasingly requested core/flex approach. Depending on their culture and business goals, clients can model scenarios based on employee needs assessments or empower transferees to take charge of their own journey and immersion into their new jobs.

For more information on Benefits Builder and how it can future-proof your company's relocation program, check out the video.

"Cartus has more than a decade of experience helping clients develop and implement a core/flex policy, including offering automated or technology-based solutions. Benefits Builder fulfills our promise to continue building out our centralized mobility hub and single source of truth, MovePro360."


"Co-browsing capabilities, points- or money-based budgeting, 'what/if' client-led modeling, and more—Benefits Builder empowers companies to meet their business needs while providing tailored care for their employees."