July 7, 2016

2016 Cartus Scholarship Award Winners

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2016 Cartus Scholarship Award Winners

The importance of getting a college education has increased over the years but, unfortunately, so have the costs tied to that education. At Cartus, we know how dedicated our employees are to their jobs—and to their families. We’re dedicated to those same employees who make our company so successful. That’s why we make it a point to offer scholarships to three college-bound children of Cartus employees, annually.

This year, we’re proud to introduce you to three exceptional individuals—this year’s recipients of our 2016 scholarship awards. In addition to academic success, they’ve all exemplified what we feel are the characteristics of exceptional students: leadership, inquisitiveness, and an appreciation for community.

  • Maxwell Greene of Brewster, New York, was awarded $2,000, which he will apply to tuition at the University of Scranton in the fall. Maxwell is the son of Senior HR Compliance Specialist Laura Greene, who works in our Danbury, Connecticut, headquarters. Maxwell plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, with minors in mathematics and computer science.
  • Katie Reilly of Newtown, Connecticut, was awarded $1,000. Katie is the daughter of Patrick Reilly, Applications Manager in our Danbury headquarters. She’ll be attending the University of Delaware in the fall, and hopes to pursue a career in marketing. 
  • Brittany Dinkins of Renton, Washington, is the daughter of Veronica Dinkins, Director of Account Management in our Bellevue, Washington, location. Brittany is headed for the University of Redlands, where she will pursue a focus in both pre-medicine and business. She hopes to become a doctor with a specialty in women’s health, and was the recipient of our second $1,000 award.


All three students have displayed multiple talents and interests, but also a passion for, and dedication to, learning that clearly drives them forward. We have no doubt that they’ll do great things in the future, and are proud to support them as they take the next steps in their educational and professional careers. Congratulations, scholars!


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