August 23, 2022

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: What Can Expats Expect? (Part 1)

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2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: What Can Expats Expect? (Part 1)

Qatar is preparing to make history by hosting not only their first FIFA World Cup™, but the first ever to be staged in the Middle East and the peninsula promises to produce a football tournament like no other. Matches will be played from 21 November to 18 December and over the next few months, we will be sharing best practices to follow for those impacted by the world event.  

Qatar at a Glance 

The Qatari peninsula shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia, though Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be found nearby to the north-west and south-east, respectively. It is well used to receiving foreign guests, with a vibrant expatriate community accounting for 80% of its population. 

Qatar will be the smallest nation ever to host the global football finals, allowing visitors to navigate the country with ease. None of the FIFA World Cup stadiums in Qatar will be more than an hour’s travel from any other, which means those lucky enough to acquire multiple tickets can watch more than one match on the same day. Add traditional Arab hospitality to the mix and winter weather conditions ideal for watching and playing the “beautiful game”, and Qatar’s World Cup promises to be one to remember. 

FIFA-2022.pngThe tournament’s 64 matches will take place across eight venues - Al Bayt Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Lusail Stadium, Stadium 974, Education City Stadium and Al Janoub Stadium. 

Housing and Accommodation Challenges

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ticket holders are currently prioritised for accommodation bookings across Qatar and are requested to book accommodation via the official website. As a result, a large portion of properties are holding accommodation options specifically for World Cup bookings.

The influx of tourists has created a shortage of available properties in local markets, for both temporary accommodation and leased properties. The reduced supply and high demand throughout this limited timeframe, has resulted in accommodation prices and rental prices increasing. Whilst we expect to see the market return to normality in early 2023, some landlords are requesting a two-year lease agreement at hyper-inflated rates, to secure a property.

Cartus Recommendations

It is recommended that companies reschedule planned relocations during the tournament to early 2023 and employees delay arrivals of dependants until after the World Cup has ended.

Assignees that must move this year will need to approach the home search with a degree of flexibility, avoiding strict property criteria. Once suitable accommodation is found, timely decision-making will also be key for both temporary and longer-term rentals as many properties are currently attracting multiple offers from prospective tenants.

Companies may also wish to look for housing outside of the most popular and expensive areas such as The Pearl and Lusail. If appropriate and as a more cost effective solution, consider encouraging assignees to look for properties closer to Doha.

Don’t Miss Out!

Look out for upcoming posts as part of our 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar series, including topics covering schooling, transportation and security issues.

Should you have any questions about your own relocation programme, your Cartus contact will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, email us:



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