November 9, 2020

Agile Recruitment: Building a Successful Global Talent Acquisition Strategy

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Agile Recruitment: Building a Successful Global Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent Acquisition Strategy Insights thumbnail 281px.pngFor many organisations, international recruitment is a key component of their global workforce development strategy. Bringing in fresh talent from an international pool can help create an enriched employee population, with global skills, experience and knowledge. Our latest white paper, Agile Recruitment: Building a Successful Global Talent Acquisition Strategy explores how to build and implement a successful strategy and how to measure and achieve a return on investment, whether you’re managing it in-house or outsourcing.

Achieving Return on Investment

Demonstrating ROI from your relocation programme isn’t just about saving money, but rather achieving overall success in three key areas: 

  • Talent attraction. Increasingly, organisations—especially those from specialised or creative talent pools—are using relocation packages as a way to attract top global talent. Well designed and implemented relocation policies can be the difference between attracting the very best prospective employees and losing them to a competitor. 
  • Employee efficiency. Lump sum packages may be appropriate for some moves, but not all. In many cases, investing in a more robust mobility programme ensures your employees really hit the ground running in their new role and aren’t distracted by the logistics or stresses of an international move.
  • Employee satisfaction. When it comes to each move, either your in-house HR team or relocation services provider should do the heavy lifting. A mobility programme needs to deliver an experience-driven service, one that understands the criticality of achieving consistent and excellent employee satisfaction.

Your Questions Answered

Talent Acquisition Strategy thumbnail 281px.pngOur white paper addresses a number of key questions that companies often have about talent acquisition and outsourcing relocation services, including:

  • When building a talent acquisition strategy, am I asking the right questions from the outset?
  • What does a flexible relocation programme really look like?
  • When it comes to measuring the success of my mobility programme, how do I quantify ROI?
  • What are the benefits of outsourcing and what should I look for in a relocation services provider?

Read our white paper, Agile Recruitment: Building a Successful Global Talent Acquisition Strategy, for the answers or view this infographic.

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