June 1, 2021

Are We There Yet? Going Beyond Your Talent Acquisition Journey

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Are We There Yet? Going Beyond Your Talent Acquisition Journey

As the global pandemic continues to influence the way in which the world does business, talent acquisition also feels the impact of this shift—shaping and changing in response to a global health crisis. Ava Norris, Cartus Director, Strategic Business Solutions, discusses this topic in the Worldwide ERC® article, Are We There Yet? Beyond Your Talent Acquisition Journey. In the article, Ava shares her expertise around how to build a talent acquisition strategy that balances commercial need for top talent with achieving a return on investment.  

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What Role Does Mobility Play?

Well-designed and implemented relocation policies can be the difference between attracting top talent and losing them to a competitor. You certainly do not have to offer new hires more support to make them happy or to achieve a return on investment. You just need to offer them the right type of support. Whether your company chooses to outsource its relocation services or manages them in-house, there are a number of questions to ask yourself (and your team) to achieve this.

For a more in-depth look at talent acquisition, and to find out if you are asking the right questions internally within your organization, be sure to read the article.

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