December 29, 2017

The Best of the Cartus Blog: Top 10 Posts of 2017

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The Best of the Cartus Blog: Top 10 Posts of 2017

Posted by: Patrick Lewis, Manager, Marketing Communications

Cartus published 113 blog posts during the past year focused on a wide variety of topics, providing valuable information and best practices for relocation and HR professionals. Your views and shares have helped the Cartus team identify the most popular posts for 2017, and here’s a look at the Top Ten!

1) Relocation and the Impact of Technology on the Industry

Technology is changing all of our lives and impacting organizations in all industries, and the relocation industry is no exception. Read our article about what’s driving the evolution of technology in employee mobility and the new technologies that are just around the corner.

2) 2017 U.S. Real Estate Trends: Impact on Relocation

If you manage a U.S. domestic relocation program, it’s important for you to stay informed about U.S. mortgage and real estate markets. Read about the top trends to watch in the U.S. housing market that have the potential to impact your relocation program.

3) Relocating Millennials – Policy, Communication and Technology Use

Relocating millennials are a group that is increasing as a relocating population, and they are the future of our current work force. They have unique needs that are important to understand, including the desire for flexibility, speed and clarity of communication, and seamless use of technology.

4) U.S. Relocation: Find out the Latest Trends in Cartus’ Survey Report

Cartus’ 2017 U.S. Relocation Policy & Practices survey report addresses key trends in U.S. relocation and takes a detailed look at flexible policy approaches, policy types that are gaining traction, support for homeowners and renters, and more.

5) Relocation Trends of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Cartus takes a look at the evolution of relocation industry practices, including what’s disappearing, what’s already established, and what’s breaking through. We also take a look at the challenges organizations are faced with, and how international assignees, relocation professionals, and employers need to adjust.

6) Top Ten Global Relocation Destinations Named by Cartus

According to our Global Mobility Policy and Practices survey, 47 percent of respondents said they expect international assignments to increase, and 45 percent saying they expect it to stay the same over the next two years. But just where are companies sending their employees for international assignments, and have these global destinations changed much over the last four years?

7) Why Even Seasoned Expats Need Cross-Cultural Training

Expats with prior travel to their host countries are quite common today, with many international assignees also having extended business travel experiences before beginning an international assignment. But the gap between working longer-term in a country, and simply travelling there personally or for periodic business, is wide. Cartus shares three things you should consider when sending seasoned expats on international assignment.

8) Moving with Pets: Meeting Unique Needs

Cartus helps international assignees move their pets from one international location every day. But when a particular pet comes with a number of health challenges, a unique solution needs to be put into place to put the relocating employee, client, and pet at ease. Read more for the full story!

9) Relocation Challenges: Hardship Locations and Duty of Care

As companies search for new opportunities and growth, they are inevitably reaching new and increasingly challenging regions, countries, and markets, placing an ever-growing pressure on international assignees’ capabilities to adapt and thrive there. Learn more about hardship locations, duty of care, challenges facing relocation managers, and best practices for supporting international assignees.

10) The Future of Global Relocation: Looking Further Than You Can See

What lies ahead for global mobility? In today’s fast-paced environment, staying ahead of the curve and successfully predicting future trends and challenges is key to the success of a business. Cartus outlines what we consider to be some of the key future trends in global mobility and talent management.

The Cartus blog team would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2018. If you have topics you’d like to see covered, please let us know by commenting on this post; we look forward to hearing from you!

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