March 22, 2016

Relocation Challenges for Companies Moving Up to 100 Employees

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Relocation Challenges for Companies Moving Up to 100 Employees

Cartus’ 2015 Trends in Global Relocation: Biggest Challenges survey shared what mobility managers around the world said are their biggest relocation challenges, and what they are doing in response. But we know that it’s important for you to see how your company compares against similarly sized organizations.

Having worked for many years with companies that move up to 100 employees annually, I know that the challenges, and solutions, may be much different from companies with larger volumes of moves. In our size breakout report, based on our Biggest Challenges survey, we take a look at the particular issues facing companies with up to 100 moves annually, and indicate where they differ significantly from overall responses to the survey.

Relocation Challenges For Companies Moving Up to 100 Employees

Not surprisingly, controlling relocation/assignment costs topped the list of challenges for this sector, with 69% stating that it was their biggest challenge. And cost control concerns are not showing signs of slowing, as 54% of respondents said that the need to control costs is the same as last year, and 43% said that it is a bigger concern than last year. The top five cost control concerns for companies moving up to 100 employee were:

  • Exception requests from employees (83%)
  • Managers making decisions outside of policy (49%)
  • Inadequate tax planning (20%)
  • Policy too rich (17%)
  • Housing budget not accurate (17%)

These concerns suggest that the policy is not meeting the needs of the transferring population, and if managers are making decisions outside of the policy, a review of the components of policy types/tiers, as well as benchmarking, may be necessary. For the full report for companies that move up to 100 moves, please contact your Cartus representative, or email us at

Relocation Challenges and How They Impact Companies Like Yours

If your company moves more than 100 employees annually, we have also created size breakout reports for 101-500 moves and for companies that move more than 500 employees per year. Each report takes a look at key areas where companies with a similar move volume to your organization differ from overall findings, including regional move volume, top areas of challenge, and hot topics (e.g., alternate policy types, repayment agreements, and talent management).

To request the report for your organization’s move volume, please contact your Cartus representative, or email us at We would be happy to discuss the findings of this report with you, and how your relocation program compares. And if you haven’t done so already, you can read highlights of the full survey or download Cartus’ 2015 Trends in Global Relocation: Biggest Challenges survey.

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