September 17, 2014

Cartus Crisis Management: Working Behind the Scenes

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Cartus Crisis Management: Working Behind the Scenes

With offices as well as clients, customers, and suppliers in every corner of the world, Cartus is acutely aware of the need to be able to communicate information quickly and clearly. And when that information concerns emergency preparedness planning, its coherent and timely dissemination is vitally important.

Whether it is climate-related events or political upheaval, a national or worldwide pandemic or workplace violence, preparedness planning is crucial. The Cartus Crisis Management team meets regularly to share information, discuss and plan for potential crises—both large and small—and even participate in mock drills.

Our Facilities group and Crisis Management team in Danbury, and their counterparts in our worldwide offices, conduct location-specific drills and offer trained assistance to their onsite colleagues. Much information on travel- and weather-related emergencies is available to employees on the Cartus intranet site’s crisis management pages, which also contain information on pandemic planning and handling workplace violence.

Business Continuity, including Disaster Preparedness Planning, is of the utmost importance to us at Cartus. Our clients and customers depend on us to be prepared for any eventuality that might lead to a catastrophic loss of our data center—and we are prepared.

Our Disaster Recovery Plan addresses full restoration of critical applications throughout the world. We regularly test each facet of this plan, and we conduct mock drills that address various crisis scenarios. We also work with local authorities to coordinate these efforts worldwide.

In Danbury, the Facilities group is currently planning and organizing a “Personal Preparedness Fair” that will be held Sept. 18, with representatives from the police, fire department, Danbury Hospital, the Red Cross, Connecticut Light & Power, Yankee Gas, and other organizations, all of whom will share pertinent information on crisis management.

Shakespeare wrote, “The readiness is all,” and as usual, The Bard knew whereof he spoke. We’re fortunate to have so many colleagues working behind the scenes to be certain that, as individuals and as a company, we will be better prepared to handle whatever comes our way!

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