March 23, 2021

Cartus Featured in Latest Edition of Mobility Magazine

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Cartus Featured in Latest Edition of Mobility Magazine

Cartus is featured in Worldwide ERC®’s latest issue of Mobility Magazine. The article, Meaningful Work – and Not Just for the Employee, looks at partner support and includes an interview with Alex Harris, Cartus Vice President, Global Talent Mobility, who showcases our in-house expertise when it comes to providing total support to relocating partners and spouses.

The article focuses on compliance and immigration issues related to finding work for a spouse/partner in the host location as well as the additional impact such issues may have on same-sex couples. Alex shares specific examples of the challenges that organizations face around this topic: for example, in Qatar, a female spouse can access employment through her husband’s visa (with his permission) without having to apply for a separate one, yet a male spouse is not allowed to work using his partner’s visa.

Reform is underway, but organizations should be mindful of these mobility hurdles. As Mobility comments, "While a lot of global companies have policies that allow for same-sex marriages or partners, not all countries do [and] even traditional marriages might run into obstacles."

For a more in-depth look at partner support, be sure to read the March issue of Mobility Magazine.

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