September 17, 2019

Cartus Introduces MicroMove: A Big Innovation in Small Shipments

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Cartus Introduces MicroMove: A Big Innovation in Small Shipments

Cartus is committed to providing our clients and their employees with innovative solutions to meet changing market needs and trends. For a variety of reasons, including more urban-to-urban moves and younger transferees with fewer household goods, smaller shipments (defined as less than 5,000 pounds and/or three or fewer rooms) have been on the rise over the past 10 years. In fact, we estimate that smaller shipments have increased by 23% and, today, more than 4 out of 10 of our shipments are under 5,000 pounds, with an average weight of approximately 2,500 pounds.

To meet this growing area of need, we are proud to introduce MicroMoveSM—an industry-exclusive solution offering faster transit times, fewer claims, and exact-day delivery for customers with smaller shipments, and potential cost savings to clients.

Why Did Cartus Develop this Innovative New Solution?

Historically, employees with smaller shipments have had to contend with a number of factors that could negatively impact their relocation experience. The smaller a shipment is, the more stops a truck has to make to reach capacity, the more likely a shipment is to be handled (and potentially mishandled) along the way, and the longer it takes for employees to get their belongings on the other end.

Delivery dates are also typically unknown until a few days ahead of time, causing unnecessary scheduling stress and headaches for relocating employees. Based on feedback from clients, relocating employees, and suppliers, we saw that there was an opportunity to:

  • Expedite transit times through a more efficient containerization and transportation process
  • Minimize claims and claim amounts through reduced handling and co-mingling
  • Increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to lock in specific load and delivery dates
  • Simplify pricing while generating potential cost savings for Cartus clients

How Can MicroMove Work for You?

In a successful pilot program, eligible Cartus MicroMove customers experienced:

  • 98% customer satisfaction on survey results to date.
  • 97% claims-free moves and 80% reduction in average claim amounts thanks to reduced handling, no co-mingling of shipments, and no warehouse handling.
  • 1.5 fewer days in interim housing—reducing temporary living costs thanks to shorter transit schedules.
  • FREE service enhancements—such as up to 30 days of guaranteed storage and additional debris removal on intrastate and interstate moves.

Moreover, MicroMove customers experienced all of the above benefits with clients realizing an average savings 7%, with the smallest shipments earning savings of up to 30%, compared to a full-service van line move.

For more information on whether MicroMove is right for your organization, contact your Cartus representative or email us at

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