February 7, 2019

Cartus Introduces Refreshed Client Portal Kicking Off the Next Phase of our Digital Transformation

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Cartus Introduces Refreshed Client Portal Kicking Off the Next Phase of our Digital Transformation

Posted by: Nica Ganley, VP, Analytics and Technology Solutions.

As Cartus’ technology evolution continues towards creating a smarter and more intuitive digital experience across all of our products and services, I am excited to share our next step: the launch of our redesigned CartusOnline® client portal.

While 2018 brought many new or updated products to help relocating employees navigate the relocation journey with ease and confidence, 2019 begins with the first of many planned tech enhancements to meet the needs of mobility leaders. Our reinvigorated client portal provides users with a modern, streamlined look, with easy navigation and dynamic data visualization right on their homepage. And the best part of its design is that it was truly a collaborative effort between our Product Solutions team, our account management group, and our clients. The result is a visually appealing, intuitive platform that incorporates features based directly on client suggestions and feedback.

The new portal homepage offers mobility leaders with a snapshot into their active relocations, including:

  • Integrated data visualizations with enhanced drill-through capabilities
  • The ability to toggle instantly between views with in-depth detail
  • Powerful ad hoc reporting capabilities to build your own reports from the ground up
  • Consolidated “To Do” items with color-coded badges
  • Integrated feedback mechanism
  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts for power users


NextGen Insights Provide Better Planning with MovePro Vision

The reimagined CartusOnline also includes the ability to accommodate clients who have a statistically significant number of moves with our dynamic new predictive analytics product, MovePro VisionSM. The machine learning behind MovePro Vision sifts through and incorporates data from past relocations to provide mobility stakeholders with real-time decision support for expenditures, exceptions, authorization volumes, and more, resulting in better planning and cost management.

MovePro Vision is powered by LEAP, Cartus’ Leading Edge Analytics Practice, which predicts and develops insights based on the company’s rich history of industry-exclusive data:

  • 2.3 million relocations
  • 7,700 unique country combinations
  • 80 million financial transactions

For more information on our newly refreshed Client Portal, and on MovePro Vision, please contact your Cartus representative.

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Nica Ganley

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Nica has managed a wide variety of tech projects for Cartus, enhancing the customer experience for mobility managers and relocating employees. She currently leads the Business Analytics Center of Excellence at Cartus.

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