April 13, 2021

Cartus Relocation Playbook: What’s Your Mobility Game Plan When Borders Re-open?

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Cartus Relocation Playbook: What’s Your Mobility Game Plan When Borders Re-open?

As promised, we continue to update our Relocation Playbook with the very latest global mobility trends to ensure it remains an evolving resource that meets the needs of organizations today and tomorrow. As we tentatively look to the future, one beyond the pandemic, this latest edition includes brand new content designed to help HR and mobility professionals build their global mobility strategy for when borders begin to re-open. 

The Playbook continues to explore four key indicators of the relocation industry: Global Workplace, Travel, Talent Management, and Digitalization, but this new edition also outlines current mobility trends:

  • Global vaccination roll-outs and their potential impact on mobility programs
  • How remote working arrangements can help you to achieve the right balance between duty of care and meeting business objectives
  • Virtual assignments, including key considerations that may help organizations determine whether they are an appropriate solution
  • Ways to achieve a successful group move

A True Collaboration

The Cartus Relocation Playbook is the result of our collaboration with clients—exploring their challenges and unique ways of overcoming those issues. Thank you especially to Marisa Johnson, Global HR Manager from Textron, for agreeing to be our ‘Key Collaborator’ for this edition. As the world continues to evolve, we will continue to update this document, providing a reliable and current resource.


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As Vice President, Dalia has global ownership for a highly successful portfolio of Fortune 100 multinational companies with teams based in the US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India.Her portfolio of clients is well served by her experience in designing and deploying global mobility solutions throughout the world. Dalia has served within various Cartus departments including domestic and international account management, operations, and international compensation.

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