May 28, 2014

Cartus Tips for Moving Internationally With Children



Cartus Tips for Moving Internationally With Children

Moving internationally can be a unique opportunity for every member of a family. But when children are involved, it’s wise to communicate early and often concerning the transition. With 61% of organizations reporting “families’ inability to adapt to the host location” as a primary reason for assignment failure (Cartus’ 2014 Global Mobility Policy & Practices survey), this remains a critical issue to consider.

As a result, it is recommended that each family member’s feelings about the move be acknowledged.

• Organizations are encouraged to listen, be supportive of the mixed feelings and, if at all possible, include cross-cultural training programs for kids. This will help to remind children that although they may miss their old friends, there is also a “world” of new friends to be met in the new location.

• The assignee’s attitude and enthusiasm will be important and will encourage children to feel that way, too. A happy family helps to promote a successful assignment.

To learn more about the concerns of children and how to address those considerations, watch our video focused on Tips for Moving Internationally With Children.


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