November 24, 2015

Relocating to China: Tips for International Assignees

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Relocating to China: Tips for International Assignees

Cartus’ latest update on the housing market in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong provides valuable information for companies relocating assignees to these locations.

China Relocation: Rental Update

With rental prices remaining pretty flat in all three locations, especially for smaller properties, the market remains robust. The lack of new developments coming into the market in Shanghai and Beijing, especially in the service apartment sector, has meant that demand is stronger than anticipated. However, with limited new land available in Hong Kong, a number of property refurbishments and conversions have been launched in the service apartment sector, bringing more supply to the market.

Hong Kong Relocation: School Availability

High demand for international schools in Hong Kong has led to the announcement that three new schools will be opening in 2016-18 bringing much-needed new supply.The upcoming deadlines for applications for school entries in the school year 2016-17 are fast approaching, and international assignees who are parents of school-aged children and who plan to file school applications should be focusing on meeting these deadlines which, for the majority of schools, start in January 2016. Our advice is to apply in good time and always within the deadline given by the school to ensure that proper consideration is given to the application.

For further information, please review our latest China and Hong Kong MarketWatches.

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