May 26, 2020

Creative Consultants: Delivering Innovative Solutions in a Hurry

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Creative Consultants: Delivering Innovative Solutions in a Hurry

Creative Consultants-Delivering Innovative Solutions-thumb 280px.pdf.pngDuring a time when rules and regulations are constantly changing and people need more support than ever before, creativity and flexibility are becoming business critical. Our white paper, Creative Consultants: Delivering Innovative Solutions in a Hurry, explores how the Cartus consultants are rising to this challenge by delving into the personal stories of a few people we have successfully supported in this difficult time, including:

  • Reuniting Employees with Valuables
  • Finding Shelter During the Storm
  • Relocating Under Restrictions

Our consultants are committed to providing proactive and flexible support, guidance, and peace-of-mind to our client’s relocating employees – no matter the circumstances. To discuss this white paper in more detail or if you have any questions, please reach out to your Cartus representative or email us at

A special thanks to content contributors:

  • Siula Damant
  • Rose Winter
  • Michelle Arteaga – Provided the ‘Reuniting Employees with Valuables’ example
  • Robert Walsh – Provided the ‘Finding Shelter During the Storm’ example
  • Lidwien Lenglet – Provided the ‘Relocation under Restrictions’ example
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Paul Franco, has over 17 years of Global Mobility/Relocation outsourcing industry experience. He currently provides strategic talent mobility solutions to multinational companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and other key markets along North and South East Asia.

 Paul is originally from Manila, Philippines. His international work experience in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Thailand has developed his cultural sensitivity and global mind set.

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