March 27, 2019

Decoding Employee Flexibility in Global Mobility

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Decoding Employee Flexibility in Global Mobility

Posted by: Anna Searle, Client Services Director.

The global landscape continues to evolve, and so do the needs of relocating employees and their families. This means that in order to win the war for talent, mobility professionals need to navigate the shifts in employee demographics and recognise, and address, the changing expectations of today’s mobile workforce.

Cartus’ white paper, Decoding Employee Flexibility in Global Mobility, explores how organisations are looking for innovative ways to recruit, Decoding Employee Flexibility-thumb-288.pngretain, and develop their best and brightest. The paper answers some key questions, including:

  • How do organisations meet the needs of a diverse and increasingly varied employee base?
  • What does a “Freedom within Framework” approach mean for companies and employees?
  • How do companies balance cost control with flexibility in the hands of employees?
  • What are the drivers and benefits of a flexible mobility policy?

We also provide a few examples of how organisations we have worked closely with have designed a flexible policy framework.

Successfully Adopting a Core/Flex Policy Framework

Probably the main key to successfully implementing a core/flex policy framework is engagement from your HR and key business unit stakeholders. Other tips to keep in mind include:

  • Designing your policy to match your goals
  • Being mindful of compliance and duty of care 
  • Striking the right balance between entitlement and need

Be sure to read our white paper to learn more. If you would like more information about how to develop a core/flex policy framework, please contact your Cartus representative, or email us at

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Anna Searle is one of our EMEA-based Client Services Directors. She specialises in policy and program design, and delivering innovation solutions to the clients she works with.

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