February 28, 2017

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) Are Coming: Impact on U.S. Relocation

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Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) Are Coming: Impact on U.S. Relocation

Posted by: Pat DeDonato, SVP, Supply Chain Management

HOS Infographic-croppedA new rule is being put into place for truck drivers to require the use of electronic logging devices (ELD) to monitor hours of service. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations are designed to keep fatigued drivers off the roadways, and create a safer work environment for drivers and the public. The new rules will make it easier to accurately track, manage, and share hours of service. An ELD synchronizes with a vehicle’s engine to automatically record driving time.

Mandated use of an ELD is by December 18, 2017.

Highlights of Hours of Service Rule

Following are some highlights of the hours of service changes:

  • A 14-hour workday (includes driving, loading/packing, weighing, driving to rest stop, etc.) requires a 10-hour break―after 14 hours no driving can be done
  • 11 of the 14 hours may be spent driving
  • A 30-minute break is required if it has been more than eight hours since the last break period of at least 30 minutes prior to driving (includes all on-duty tasks and drive time)
  • 34-hour continuous off-duty time will restart the driver’s 70-hour work week

How Does this Affect Household Goods Transit and Relocation in the U.S. and What is Cartus Doing to Minimize the Impact?

This ruling, while creating a safer environment for drivers and the public, will definitely have an impact on already strained capacity. Analysts say that the new regulation can lead to a 2-10% decrease in driver productivity and will necessitate 100,000 drivers to fill the void.

We are currently working with our suppliers to adjust our contracted transit days to accommodate the delays as a result of the new regulations. As we learn more about the impact, we will work with you to support policy changes which may be needed, for example, extended time in temporary housing due to longer shipping times.

Both Cartus and the van lines will be revising our counseling to set the right expectations and ensure the customer understands that we are here to help them move successfully within the confines of the regulatory requirements. While drivers are required to start using the ELDs by December 18, 2017, many are starting earlier due to fears that there may be shortages of the devices. We are working closely with our service providers to ensure that we have hauling capacity during the busy summer months.

We will continue to monitor the impact that the new regulation will have on household goods shipments and keep you apprised of any developments. Please contact your Cartus representative if you have any additional questions on the new procedure, or email us at trustedguidance@cartus.com.

Additional Resources for Relocation Managers

For more information the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on hours of service rule changes, visit these links:





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