August 26, 2020

Exploring Talent Mobility in the “New Normal”

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Exploring Talent Mobility in the “New Normal”

Facing a worldwide pandemic, global mobility—an often quiet force—has been thrust onto the global stage. The function of global mobility— deploying and enabling talent effectively—has a fundamental role in designing what is being referred to as the “new normal.”

Defining The “New Normal”

While much has changed due to COVID-19, the key deliverables of global mobility remain the same—from recruitment optimization to leadership development to retaining top talent. Global mobility has helped reimagine the work environment constricted by an onslaught of travel regulations and safety mandates throughout the world. Time and time again, the key to success for global mobility is agile adaptation rather than watchful waiting.

Global Mobility as a Function

Changing role of talent mobility in new normal thumb 281.pngKey emerging trends and observations are calling into question several areas of global mobility which are further explored by Robert Line, Vice President, Global Talent Mobility, Cartus APAC, in his work, The Changing Role of Talent Mobility in the New "Normal." These include:

  • Global workplace
  • Relocation travel
  • Talent development
  • Digital transformation

Since the start of the pandemic and looking forward, we can rely on global mobility to continue to provide agile support, fast recommendations, and fundamental talent strategies for success. Global mobility empowers organizations to grow internationally and to develop into the future.

For additional information and insight, be sure to read Robert Line’s work, The Changing Role of Talent Mobility in the New "Normal," which contributes a unique perspective as the second article of our “Executive Perspective” series.

To better understand Cartus’ “Reimagine Work” initiative and the intricacies surrounding today’s global workforce, jump into our inaugural piece, Work Reimagined: Rewriting Your Global Talent Roadmap, written by President and CEO, Katrina L. Helmkamp.

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With a passion for project management and analytics, clients have tapped into her mobility expertise in executing client strategies involving company acquisitions/divestitures, policy consultation & benchmarking, and restructuring talent management framework.

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