April 23, 2019

Golden Week in Japan: What Relocating Employees Should Know

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Golden Week in Japan: What Relocating Employees Should Know

Posted by: Marina Linnik, Manager, Supply Chain Management.

In the coming week, Japan marks an important number of annual public holiday which may impact your assignees’ travel and relocation plans. Japan is celebrating its “Golden Week” from April 27-May 6, which includes Showa Day, Coronation Day, Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day, and Children’s Day. This is the longest vacation period for most workers in Japan and many families go on holiday or travel home. Rates can be high and bookings are scarce for air and train travel and hotels.

Employees relocating to Japan at this time should be aware that:

  • The Japanese Customs bureau, along with freight forwarder agents, are expected to be closed during this week.
  • Delays in the clearance of household goods shipments into and out of Japan are expected before and after the Golden Week holidays.
  • To avoid delays, work with your supplier to schedule arrival, if possible, before or after the Golden Week holidays.
  • Demurrage and/or storage charges may be incurred.
  • Destination services (e.g., home search/look see visits, school visit trips, etc.) will be impacted.

Should you or your assignees have any questions regarding relocation to Japan during this period, please contact your Cartus representative or email us at cartussolutionsasia@cartus.com.

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Marina is a Supply Chain Manager for APAC, overseeing Japan DSPs as well as other counties in the region. She is from Russia originally and is currently based in Shanghai, China.

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