April 16, 2019

Linking Global Mobility with Talent Management in 2019

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Linking Global Mobility with Talent Management in 2019

Posted by: Cindy Madden, Director, Consulting Solutions.

When trying to convince your organization how employee mobility is connected to talent management, you need look no further than the worries of CEOs. Increasingly, when CEOs are asked about the areas of challenge that could potentially keep them from achieving their business objectives, this year talent shortages loom large. Keeping this critical dilemma in mind, mobility keenly supports talent management when the right talent is not available where it is needed.

As Global Mobility More Frequently Collaborates with Talent Acquisition, What Challenges Remain?

There are a number of obstacles that arise when linking the Global Mobility and Talent Acquisition functions:

  • Unstable local economies and regulatory challenges—these factors can make mobility a less appealing solution.
  • Internal company resistance—lack of understanding of why partnership between Talent and Mobility is needed, although the collaboration between the two has improved greatly in the past several years.
  • Lack of resources—technology and system integration still has not occurred and data is located in multiple sources. 
  • Right talent is not available locally—Talent Acquisition doesn't understand the value of working with Mobility to find the right candidate.
  • Varying business models—confusion caused by differing models (e.g., mobility is centralized and talent is decentralized). 
  • Competing priorities—Lack of understanding of the mobility program and costs being driven by other business priorities.

How Can Relocation Managers Best Support Their Talent Team?

So what can relocation professionals do to provide support for your talent management team?

Build synergies across the organization

  • Engage your senior leadership and create buy-in.
  • Foster cross-collaboration from all stakeholders.
  • Proactively host meetings with key decision-makers to understand shared goals.
  • Adopt an integrated workforce strategy and insert yourself into discussions on talent choices.

Measure and Communicate

  • Communicate extensively with all key parties.
  • Measure ROI to determine the success and value of assignments and permanent relocation and report on key metrics.
  • Implement skills development assessment into the post-assignment plan.
  • Promote technology and data for continued leadership buy-in.


  • Put succession planning in place.
  • Play an active role in workforce planning.
  • Plan for an annual review of your mobility program and adjust policies frequently, incorporating feedback from employees, conduct surveys, etc.

Best Practices for Integrating Global Mobility with Talent Management

The following are a few best practice tips from relocation managers that have helped them experience success in connecting mobility and talent management:

  • Define measurement of value (ROI) in your organization and what to track that will define success (achievement of assignment goals).
  • Develop a strong repatriation strategy.
  • Address the whole experience of the employee life cycle, not just certain stages.
  • Use performance reviews to identify talent eligible for assignments/relocation.

For more information on talent management and other areas of relocation, contact us at cartussolutions@cartus.com or visit our Resource Hub on Cartus.com.

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