February 1, 2018

Luxembourg Relocation: What You Need to Know

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Luxembourg Relocation: What You Need to Know

Posted by: Richard Tucker, Vice President, Supply Chain Management

A popular and desirable place to live, Luxembourg enjoys an excellent standard of living. Nonetheless, international assignees may still face some challenges when relocating there. Our Luxembourg Relocation Country Guide, produced in conjunction with Cartus’ on the ground destination services provider, takes a look at these challenges and offers best practice advice on how to overcome them.

Finding a Home in Luxembourg

The rental market in Luxembourg is a landlord’s market. For many years, demand has outstripped supply, therefore, decisions need to be made very fast. While the demand for property over the past 12 months has increased, vacancy rates have, unsurprisingly, decreased. Over the same period, rental prices have increased by 11 percent. Since the market is competitive, landlords are very selective. Companies should encourage assignees to maximize their housing allowances to find properties that best fit their search criteria.

Limited School Places

Due to limited international school places in Luxembourg, assignees with school-age children should apply as far in advance as possible, and organisations should send an authorisation for school assistance as soon as an assignment is confirmed. The relocation schedule should allow plenty of time for assignees to view schools, as families may not always be able to secure a placement in their first option school.

Cultural Differences

Luxembourgers tend to be private people who respect the privacy of others. Business and personal life are kept strictly separate and society is formal. Luxembourgers are direct, but diplomatic and subtle communicators for whom protecting relationships is paramount.

In Luxembourg, people work long hours and time is taken seriously; meetings should be planned well in advance, and being late is considered rude as this wastes somebody else’s time. On the whole, in business, Luxembourgers are risk-averse. Financial decisions are not taken lightly, and a long-term approach is sought rather than a fast profit. Decisions are only made following extensive examination of the facts and of business models, and are based on empirical evidence rather than emotion.

Organisations should consider offering cross-cultural training to assignees and their families moving to Luxembourg, taking the length of the assignment into account, as well as the assignee’s international assignment experience.

For a more detailed review of Luxembourg, read the Cartus Luxembourg Relocation Country Guide and view our Resource Page for information on other major locations worldwide.

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