September 7, 2022

Mobility Matters Bonus Episode: "Exploring the Future of Cities Post-COVID with Futurist Greg Lindsay"

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Mobility Matters Bonus Episode: "Exploring the Future of Cities Post-COVID with Futurist Greg Lindsay"

From futuristic technology to providing for highly skilled workers in a competitive talent market, this bonus episode takes a deep dive into the future of mobility. We explore remote work, flexibility in the workplace, and mobility challenges and opportunities across the world.

In this fast-paced episode led by Cartus' Dalia Begin and Trevor Macomber, listeners will learn valuable insights and knowledge provided by two-time Jeopardy Champion, Greg Lindsay. Don’t miss it!

Guest biographies:

Podcast blog guest photos-5-62.jpgGreg Lindsay, Journalist, Urbanist, and Futurist

Greg Lindsay is the senior fellow for applied research and foresight at NewCities, a senior fellow of MIT’s Future Urban Collectives Lab, and a partner at FutureMap, a geo-strategic and climate advisory firm based in Singapore. He thinks, writes, and speaks on the future of cities and mobility for companies, governments, and institutions around the world. He is also a two-time Jeopardy! champion — and the only human to go undefeated against IBM’s artificial intelligence, Watson.

Podcast blog guest photos-5-6.jpgDalia Begin, Vice President Global Talent Mobility, Cartus

Dalia’s passion for relocation started well before her professional career. Having spent most of her childhood abroad, Dalia has personally faced the rewards and challenges of moving.

As Vice President, Client Services, Dalia leads high-caliber teams that produce unparalleled service and sustain excellent client relations in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. Her visionary perspective has enabled her to work on prominent fortune 100 programs of Cartus' most strategic accounts. When she isn’t busy providing clients with deep expertise and innovation in deploying cutting-edge mobility strategies and solutions, Dalia loves to travel with her husband and two daughters.

Podcast blog guest photos-trevor.jpgTrevor Macomber, Director, Global Marketing & Communications, Cartus

Trevor leads global marketing and communications at Cartus, an Anywhere Real Estate company. He is also the co-author of Chaos by Design: Tales of Empowerment on the Path to Digital Transformation. When not spearheading B2B marketing strategy for the Fortune 500-owned industry leader in corporate relocation and global talent mobility, you'll find him spending time with his family in Connecticut, grinding away at his own painfully glacial writing projects, or attempting to perfect the world's best grilled pizza.


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Nadia Sobehart joined Cartus in 2020 as the Marketing and Communications Manager overlooking the Americas division. From product launches to ongoing internal support, Nadia's word craft and creative insights can be found sprinkled throughout Cartus. New to global mobility from the healthcare and travel industries, Nadia continues her immersion into the world of relocation and all of its intricacies in order to support Cartus' brand and strategic initiatives moving forward.

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