May 21, 2019

Netherlands Relocation: What You Need to Know About the Property Market

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Netherlands Relocation: What You Need to Know About the Property Market

Posted by Morgan Beaumont, Client Services Director, Amsterdam & Munich

Our latest Netherlands MarketWatch looks at the country’s rental market trends, popular expatriate neighbourhoods across major cities and best practices for international assignees. We’ve focused on Amsterdam, but have also included information on The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

Amsterdam Property Market

Assignees relocating to Amsterdam will encounter a very fast moving market, with strong competition from prospective tenants. Properties can be secured quickly once coming to market, so to find suitable accommodation, assignees should ensure they have all the necessary funds and paperwork ready ahead of the homefinding trip. That way, they can secure the lease as soon as possible when they find a property that they like. To support assignees and prevent delays, organisations should make funds available before the homefinding trip begins.

Amsterdam is a relatively small city by world standards, so assignees planning to drive whilst on assignment may find it challenging to find a property with parking. There are a few neighbourhoods that offer residents parking permits, but these often have long waiting lists. With the city’s excellent public transport system, driving isn’t really a necessity anyway. And, of course, there’s always the bicycle as a mode of transport. It’s one of the most popular ways to travel around Amsterdam, with dedicated cycle lanes around the city.

Our Dedicated Destination Services Team

The Cartus Destination Services team based in Amsterdam guides and supports international assignees relocating into the Netherlands. We have spent years building relationships with real estate agents across the country, so that in a crowded market, we can give our assignees the advantage. We have access to all available properties and more negotiation power to ensure that the relocating families we help find a home that’s right for them.

For more information read the Cartus Netherlands MarketWatch and view our Resource Hub on for information on other major locations worldwide.

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