September 12, 2019

“O zapft is” – Oktoberfest is Here!

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“O zapft is” – Oktoberfest is Here!

This month marks the start of the 186th Oktoberfest, held in Munich, Germany. The world's largest annual folk and beer festival opens on 21 September through to 6 October, and attracts more than six million visitors. International assignees relocating to Germany should consider making time to visit Munich to experience this world-renowned festival. (Lederhosen optional, but strongly encouraged!)  

More on Munich

Munich is a city where the traditional and modern go hand-in-hand. A frequented destination for international assignees, it boasts an impressive arts and culture scene (including more than 80 art galleries and museums). As the capital of the southern German state of Bavaria, the city has hosted the Oktoberfest since 1810. Today it includes fairground rides, games and traditional food stalls, serving everything you could possibly want, from hearty dishes to gingerbread hearts. The main attraction remains the Wiesn tents. Hosted by local breweries, these tents are where most Oktoberfest visitors go to celebrate. The festival has become an integral part of the Bavarian culture and is so famous, that there are many similar Oktoberfest events that take place around the world.
If you’re in Germany during the festivities, check out the key Oktoberfest dates like festival parades, including the opening ceremony on 21 September. Organisers have also published information on the best way to travel to the Oktoberfest. Munich has an excellent public transport network and the event can be easily reached via bus, tram or train.
Alternatively, if festivals aren’t your thing, then why not visit one of Munich’s parks, including the world’s largest, the English Garden or Englischer Garten. Or if you’re feeling particularly energetic, you could hike the surrounding mountains, which are just an hour’s drive from the city.

For more information about relocating to Munich, read our latest Cartus Germany MarketWatch and if you are going to Oktoberfest, enjoy!
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