September 27, 2022

Our 2022 DE&I and Global Mobility Pulse Survey Report is here—and it’s a must-read!

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Our 2022 DE&I and Global Mobility Pulse Survey Report is here—and it’s a must-read!

From supporting employee inclusion and belonging to highlighting the importance of “pivotal roles and moments,” Cartus’ 2022 DE&I and Global Mobility Pulse Survey Report summarizes the current state of DE&I within Global Mobility and provides insights and best practices to further align your company’s DE&I priorities with wider organizational goals.

2022-DEI-survey-thumb.pngOur second annual report captures a thought-provoking snapshot of global mobility programs across various industries; 44 organizations shared their experiences, particularly the progress made in the DE&I space over the past 12 months.

One major finding is that DE&I is no longer an optional priority across organizations. Companies around the world are demonstrating their efforts in connecting DE&I priorities with larger organizational goals, as seen in their culture and behavior. We look to take these findings one step further by helping drive employee engagement and innovation for mobility in this space.

When it comes to cultivating DE&I principles, it isn’t just the “right thing to do”—it’s a critical success factor that guides organizations and supports their employees.

We are excited to share the full report with you today. Read it here.

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Lisa Johnson

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Lisa represents Cartus in DE&I space as a thought leader and solution facilitator for clients looking to address Global DE&I in their mobility solutions. Among her many achievements—including leading some of the industry’s earliest research initiatives on the topic—Lisa was named one of the Global Mobility Top 100 Professionals in 2021 and was recently named the 2022 Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee for Worldwide ERC®’s Upward Mobility internship Initiative focused on increasing diversity in our industry and she sits on their Editorial Taskforce. She also holds both Worldwide ERC®’s Meritorious and Distinguished Service Awards and is an active member of SHRM.

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