November 17, 2016

Potential Beijing Customs Delays: Impact on Relocation

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Potential Beijing Customs Delays: Impact on Relocation

Posted by: Sanny Linawati, Director, Destination & Real Estate Services

We have recently been notified of stricter enforcement by Beijing Customs regarding the regulations for importing luxury and high-value items into Beijing, China. These new procedures could have some potentially serious consequences for international assignees and their families relocating to Beijing (and should be noted for other destinations in China as well). The new enforcement applies to both international assignees and returning Chinese citizens.

International assignees that hold a Chinese Work and Residence Permit that is valid for one year (365 days) need to declare each and every luxury item over the value of RMB5,000 (approximately US$730) to Beijing Customs. This includes items such as watches, shoes, jewelry, bags, ornaments, clothes, sports equipment, carpets, kitchenware, etc.

For Chinese returning citizens who have been resident in the city of origin for over 365 days or more in the last three years,  the value of items that need to be declared is lower, RMB1,000 (approximately US$146). Again, this includes items such as watches, jewelry, sports equipment, clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

Advice for Relocations to Beijing

Our advice is that international assignees and their families relocating to Beijing retain and hand-carry the receipts of all items that meet this criteria so that, if requested, the assignee can provide Beijing Customs with the information on each item’s value as required.

False declaration on dutiable items is strictly prohibited and failure to comply with the above will raise the attention of the Beijing Customs Anti-Smuggling Bureau which can lead to confiscation of the goods, heavy fines,and ultimately, further legal consequences. 

Our thanks to our supplier partner Asian Tigers for the information contained in this blog post. Please contact your Cartus representative if you have any additional questions on the new procedures.

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Sanny is the Global Director of Cartus Destination Services and currently based in Shanghai. She has more than 15 years of global mobility experience and leads the service delivery teams for the APAC region and oversees the account management and operations functions.

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