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Jennie Harper

As Supply Chain Manager for Western Europe, Jennie is responsible for the performance of our Cartus destination service providers. She also ensures that suppliers adhere to Cartus processes and policies and assists with the selection, management and alignment of suppliers.

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The global pandemic raised a lot of challenges and hurdles in the world of relocation, including temporary accommodation services and the associated cancellation fees. As a Supply Chain Manager at Cartus, my team and I have been working hard with our temporary living network to reduce the financial…
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It is well known that Ireland is one of the highest focused markets in EMEA at present. In order for Cartus’ Supply Chain group to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges faced in Ireland, and for successful relocation of our assignees moving there, I recently visited Ireland and our…
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The latest video in our Cartus On the Ground series focuses on Ireland and the frequented expatriate destination of Dublin. Produced in conjunction with our in-country destination services provider Irish Relo, the video shares top tips and best practices for international assignees moving to the…