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Paul Franco

Paul Franco, has over 17 years of Global Mobility/Relocation outsourcing industry experience. He currently provides strategic talent mobility solutions to multinational companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and other key markets along North and South East Asia.

 Paul is originally from Manila, Philippines. His international work experience in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Thailand has developed his cultural sensitivity and global mind set.

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In the era of the "Great Resignation" and post-pandemic recovery, there are substantial shifts in all areas of the workplace. We have observed significant changes in employee mindsets when evaluating or going on a new assignment. At the organizational level, there was rapid adoption of an…
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After a year of delays due to the pandemic, Tokyo is set to host the 2020 Olympic Games from July 23 to August 8, with the Paralympics following from August 24 to September 4.
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During a time when rules and regulations are constantly changing and people need more support than ever before, creativity and flexibility are becoming business critical. Our white paper, Creative Consultants: Delivering Innovative Solutions in a Hurry, explores how the Cartus consultants are rising…