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Christine Wrigley

Christine Wrigley joined Cartus in 1989 and has held various positions in Client Services and Real Estate Services, managing a portfolio of clients across diverse industries. In 2008 she accepted a role in Supply Chain Management and currently manages multiple Supplier Networks including U.S. Temporary Housing, Rental Assistance, Property Management, Spouse/Partner Career Transition Assistance, and Educational Assistance Services. 

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Like many aspects of global mobility, we continue to see an increase in the need for temporary living and long-term rental solutions. Here we provide an update to our first blog on the topic, U.S. Temporary Living Challenges: What You Need to Know, taking a more detailed look at the current trends…
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Following the pent-up demand of 2020, the U.S. rental market is currently very competitive with prospective tenants outnumbering available rental properties. This imbalance has led to increasing rental rates across much of the U.S. when compared to pre-COVID levels, impacting both houses and…
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Repatriation can often be an area in which organizations do not have formal relocation policies. Yet with potentially high attrition rates amongst repatriated employees, a comprehensive repatriation policy is key to retaining the very best talent. And this is never more important than when…