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Katherine Asperin

Katherine Asperin (Casper) has over 12 years of experience in the Global Mobility/Relocation outsourcing industry and is based in our Singapore office. Over the years, she has acquired vast experience delivering customized relocation programs to assignees throughout Asia.

With a passion for project management and analytics, clients have tapped into her mobility expertise in executing client strategies involving company acquisitions/divestitures, policy consultation & benchmarking, and restructuring talent management framework.

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Facing a worldwide pandemic, global mobility—an often quiet force—has been thrust onto the global stage. The function of global mobility— deploying and enabling talent effectively—has a fundamental role in designing what is being referred to as the “new normal.”
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"Where were you when COVID-19 broke out and what were you doing?" That will probably be the most asked question of 2030 when history, business economics, and science books discuss the effects of COVID-19. Globalization and global mobility have taken an enormous hit as the world came to a halt…