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Erika Reichard

Erika Reichard has more than 23 years of global mobility industry experience in global learning and development, relocation accounting, and project management. As Director of Business Process, Erika specializes in collaborating across the business to identify and implement process and system efficiencies that drive client and customer excellence.

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Our latest survey report, “2022 Cartus and Topia Remote Work Landscape,” references the results of a joint research initiative conducted by Cartus and Topia on the topic of remote, hybrid, and distributed workforces in the global talent mobility space.
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It was unclear a couple of years ago if remote work was going to remain or fade post-pandemic. Today, it seems as though, for many companies and industries, the practice is here to stay.
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Remote work. Hybrid workforce. Distributed workforce. These are all terms that have become part of our regular conversations since the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020. Pivoting your policies, culture, training, and compliance to handle this new way of working can be overwhelming and time…