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Caio Leal

Caio Leal is Client Services Director for Cartus’ office in Brazil. Based in São Paulo, Caio is a lawyer and has more than 10 years of experience in global mobility for the Latin America region.

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100 days. This is the time separating the very first case of a person showing symptoms of contamination by COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, and a person infected by the same virus in São Paulo, Brazil.  
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Brazil is a popular destination for expats, but can also be a challenging location to move to. Understanding how culture, market practices, and bureaucracy play a major part as one adapts to Brazil is the essential role of global mobility managers who support transfers to this vibrant country.…
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Ley de Fortalecimiento de Finanzas Publicas is a tax reform bill aimed at adjusting  Costa Rica’s tax laws in an effort to attack the country’s growing fiscal deficit.