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Tom Lacey

Tom is Cartus' Supply Chain Director, with more than 20 years’ experience in the corporate relocation industry, along with accounting and finance experience. He manages Cartus’ domestic and international household goods networks.

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At the start of the pandemic, household goods services across the U.S. either slowed down or stopped completely. As demand continued to build during 2020 and the start of this year, the lack of capacity has only become worse with time, now significantly impacting some organizations’ U.S. mobility…
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Understanding the trends impacting U.S. real estate helps position corporations for success in an ever-changing relocation market. To help keep clients updated on these important issues, I was pleased to present the Top 10 Evolving Trends Shaping Real Estate with Anthony Cristaudo of Cartus Home…
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As housing markets across the U.S. continue to move in a positive direction, confidence is returning and homes are appreciating at a rate experts believe is conducive to a sustainable rebound.