February 13, 2019

Relocating to Germany? Good Choice! It Comes Highly Recommended

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Relocating to Germany? Good Choice! It Comes Highly Recommended

Posted by: Rolf Diepeveen, Director, Strategic Business Solutions.

With the year well underway, many of us are looking for new adventures and opportunities, and if relocation is one of them, then Germany should be at the top of your list! The European powerhouse has recently been named the number-one country for expatriates to live and work, according to HSBC’s 2019 Expat Explorer survey.

Moving up from second place last year, Germany’s work culture and job security were two of the top benefits cited by respondents. Additionally, 70% of expatriates living in the country said that their work/life balance had improved since relocating there.

Based on more than 22,300 responses from expatriates living in 163 countries, a number of criteria was used to garner results, including earnings prospects, career development, and work/life balance. Interestingly the survey found that 2019’s top five best countries for expatriates were all in either Europe or the Middle East:

  1. Germany
  2. Bahrain
  3. UK
  4. UAE
  5. Switzerland

Relocating to Germany? What You Need to Know

As a Dutch expatriate living in Berlin with my family, and having recently moved from the UAE, I completely agree with the surveycanal-701766_1920.jpg respondents. Germany has a lot to offer, with a wealth of museums, restaurants, good quality food, excellent schools, and many parks and open spaces. There’s always something to do. You will also have a good work/life balance and a chance to experience a wide variety of culture, which helps to make you feel part of the local community.

For those relocating to Germany, my top three tips are: 

  • Don’t be late! Germans are renowned for their sense of punctuality, so ensure that you leave plenty of time to travel to meetings, as lateness is very much frowned upon. 
  • Check the weather. Germany has a continental climate, so you’ll need to be prepared for extreme temperatures. In the winter, you can enjoy all sorts of alpine sports while in the summer there will be a mass exodus towards lakes and open air swimming pools. Check what clothing you’ll need for arrival so you don’t get caught out!
  • Learn the language. English is commonly spoken across the country, but knowing a certain amount of ‘survival German’ will help to carry out everyday tasks like shopping and paying bills. Even learning the basics will help you get the most out of an international assignment.

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