May 20, 2015

Relocation to The Netherlands

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Relocation to The Netherlands

Cartus’ Netherlands MarketWatch focuses on relocating to Amsterdam and discusses current trends in the rental market, the types of properties available for international assignees, and popular expatriate neighbourhoods.

The City

Situated on the River Amstel, Amsterdam is found in the west of The Netherlands and is the country’s most populous city, as well as the commercial and cultural capital. It offers assignees world-class museums, theatres, bars, restaurants, and open spaces, including the famous Vondelpark.

Rental Trends

For those moving on their own or with a partner, a number of one- to two-bedroom apartments are available. However, relocating families may struggle to find a larger property in Amsterdam’s city centre. Indeed, even in residential neighbourhoods, such as De Helmersbuurt and the wider Oud-Zuid (Old South), there are more apartments than traditional family homes, and as such, the latter may be expensive.


Amsterdam has a good public transport network, with buses and trams covering most areas, and we recommend that assignees consider this option. Of course, you may also want to invest in a bicycle because they are the city’s preferred mode of transport, and cycle lanes are designated on all main routes. Should you wish to drive, parking continues to be a challenge and generally, only the Old South area and the neighbourhoods of Rivierenbuurt and Oosterpark provide residents with parking permits (once they have registered their new address). Waiting times are much longer in popular areas like the Canal Belt, Jordaan, and Helmersbuurt, with some residents having to wait up to six years. As a result, private parking has become very expensive.

For a more detailed review of the Dutch rental market, read the Cartus Netherlands Market Watch and view our Resource Page for information on other major locations worldwide.

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