August 9, 2016

Relocation Services: Moving to Poland

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Relocation Services: Moving to Poland

Does your mobility programme include global relocation to Poland? If so, our latest video on moving to Poland gives international assignees a whole range of hints and tips to help them as they make the transition.

Expatriate Housing

The housing market in the larger cities in Poland, like Warsaw, is very dynamic and fast moving, with furnished and unfurnished options including apartments, houses with gardens, and properties on exclusive, gated compounds. There are typically a number of choices available to international assignees, although once a suitable home is found, the family should move fast to secure it. In smaller cities, choices are limited and often restricted to homes formerly available for sale.

International Schooling

Most expatriate communities are located near international schools. In Warsaw, there are a variety of schooling options and places available at both primary and secondary levels, with the International Baccalaureate programme widely offered.


Recent improvements in infrastructure have made it easy to travel around Poland. The road network is good, driving is an option for expatriates, and trains and public transport are quick and easy. There’s also a lot less traffic congestion than in some European cities.


For European Union (EU) citizens living and working in Poland, the immigration process is relatively easy. However, for non-EU citizens, the immigration process can be bureaucratic and time consuming, taking typically between three and five months for the necessary permits to be obtained.

Top Tips for Relocating to Poland

International assignees living in Poland recommend:

  • The child friendly environment
  • Relatively short commuting times
  • Ease of travel around the country and the rest of Europe
  • The culture and cultural events
  • Traditional Polish cuisine
  • The warmth and hospitality of the Polish people

Pick up more hints and tips by viewing our Poland video and over 30 other videos on relocation destinations worldwide.

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