June 20, 2019

Supporting Dual Career Couples with Their Mobility Needs

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Supporting Dual Career Couples with Their Mobility Needs

Posted by: Jennifer White, Manager, Consulting Solutions.

Managing the logistics of one employee’s move can be challenging enough, but when you add in the extra layer of supporting the continuation of the accompanying spouse/partner’s career, things can get complicated. Today, more companies must deal with an employee whose spouse is on a similar career path and is a key employee within a different organization, or with the same organization. When asked about challenges and concerns to their organization being competitive in the future, over one-third of respondents to a Cartus survey said that key talent is less willing to relocate due to the loss of their spouse/partner’s income and career.

Organizations need to adapt, and integrating effective spousal support can be a competitive advantage to supporting assignment acceptance, retaining key employees, and developing talent.  Read our white paper, Supporting Dual Career Couples with Their Mobility Needs, to learn more about the challenges of managing dual career assignments, the decisions that organizations need to make, and best practices for supporting dual career families.

Best Practices for Supporting Dual Career Families

Following are a few best practice tips that can help you support dual career families and their mobility needs:Dual Career-thumb-281px.png

  • Frequent communication and advance preparation can help set expectations
  • Consider Spousal Assistance components as part of the process
  • Consider establishing a mentoring program 
  • Develop a strong repatriation strategy

Read our white paper, Supporting Dual Career Couples with Their Mobility Needs, to learn more about managing dual career assignments.

For more information on dual career couples and mobility, talent management, and other areas of relocation, contact us at cartussolutions@cartus.com or visit our Resource Hub on Cartus.com.

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Jen is a manager of Consulting Solutions, which supports clients and prospects in the areas of policy and program design, group moves, destination location research, and the development of customized mobility websites. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the global mobility industry, predominantly in global operations, account management, program implementation, and policy design. Jen earned her CRP and GMS designations from Worldwide ERC®, and she is a member of the Chicago Corporate Relocation Counsel (CRC) and Human Resource Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC).

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