April 17, 2018

UK Brexit and Schooling: One Year to Go

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UK Brexit and Schooling: One Year to Go

The clock is now ticking towards March 29, 2019 when the UK formally leaves the EU. With negotiations underway regarding the transition period, organizations are drawing up contingency plans in readiness. For international assignments, schooling is a consideration that needs to be planned well in advance.

With the media reporting a rush on international school placements in anticipation of the Brexit date, mobility managers need to be able to reassure potential assignees that their children’s education will be catered for. Cartus is working with School Choice International (SCI) to help organizations manage this.

Join Cartus’ Exclusive Webinar on Brexit and Schooling

Cartus will co-host a webinar with SCI exclusively for Cartus clients on Thursday 3 May 2018 at 2 p.m. (British Summer Time). We will present a data-driven roadmap to complement the Cartus Location Feasibility Study, and discuss Brexit Contingency Planning. This includes our in-depth schooling knowledge on locations under consideration and consultative questions for clients to consider in their decision-making.

If you haven’t received an invitiation via email to attend the webinar, please email us at trustedguidanceEMEA@cartus.com, or contact your Cartus representative, and we will send you registration details for the webinar.

Additional Resources

Read our blog post, Brexit and Relocation: Potential Areas of Impact to Mobility and Supply Chains, to learn more about the potential impact of Brexit on supply chains. For any questions relating to the above, or any other aspect of your mobility program, please don’t hesitate to contact your Cartus representative.

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