July 28, 2015

What Relocation Managers Need to Know: Reducing the UK Level of Non-EU Immigration

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What Relocation Managers Need to Know: Reducing the UK Level of Non-EU Immigration

Immigration was a hot topic in May’s UK general election debates, and as a result, the newly formed government has pledged to reduce the level of non-European Union (EU) immigration. For more information, read Cartus’ latest Mobility Insights, UK Immigration: Reducing the Level of Non-EU Immigration.

Migration Advisory Committee

The government has asked the UK Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), an independent public body, for recommendations on a number of key UK issues. These include:

  • Restricting work visas to genuine skills shortages and highly specialised positions

  • Implementing time limits on how long an industry can claim to have a skills shortage

  • Imposing a ‘new skills levy’ on Tier 2 visa-types (this will fund UK apprenticeships)

  • Raising salary thresholds to prevent businesses from using foreign workers to undercut wages

The MAC has been given until the end of 2015 to provide the government with these recommendations, with the exception of the last issue listed above: raising salary thresholds. Advice on raising salaries for international assignees relocating on a Tier 2 visa is expected to be given by 6 October 2015.

Consultation Phase: Have Your Say

The MAC published a consultation document in June, looking at the impact of significant increases to Tier 2 workers’ salaries. Although immigration providers will communicate their concerns, we recommend that impacted organisations also respond to the MAC individually.

Going Forward

As these proposed changes relate to higher salary thresholds, you should keep in regular contact with your immigration services provider, as such changes may affect your own internal relocation policies.  

For more details on these proposed changes to UK immigration, download our Cartus Mobility Insights or contact a Cartus representative at trustedguidance@cartus.com.

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