February 11, 2016

Why Is Crisis Management Important to Your Relocation Program?

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Why Is Crisis Management Important to Your Relocation Program?

Given the myriad challenges facing your organization—controlling costs, complying with laws and regulations around the globe, managing talent, and much more—why should you care about crisis management?

Disaster and crisis preparedness is one of those activities that might seem unnecessary from day to day, until it suddenly—and unexpectedly—becomes very necessary. Given the unpredictability of the weather, air pollution, our planet’s geology, political upheavals, worldwide power grids, and computerized systems, it makes sense to make sure that you are always prepared for whatever comes your way.

With offices as well as clients, customers, and suppliers in every corner of the world, Cartus is well aware of the need to be able to communicate information quickly and clearly. And when that information concerns emergency preparedness planning, coherent and timely dissemination is vital.

How Cartus Ensures Business Continuity

At Cartus, we focus on both our own employees’ health and safety and on business continuity measures to ensure that our business is prepared for any emergency situation.  We carry out a wide variety of initiatives aimed at ensuring that our employees are protected while at work, our systems are secure, and our business can continue without interruption to our clients and their employees when out-of-the-ordinary situations occur.

Business Continuity, including Disaster Preparedness Planning, is vital to us; our clients and customers depend on us to be prepared for any eventuality that might lead to a catastrophic loss of our data center—and we are prepared. Our Disaster Recovery Plan addresses full restoration of critical applications throughout the world. We regularly test each facet of this plan, and we conduct mock drills that address various crisis scenarios. We also work with local authorities to coordinate these efforts worldwide.

How Does This Impact You and Your Relocation Program?

Our Crisis Management Team has one overriding goal: to ensure that every employee, in every worldwide office, is prepared for various emergency situations, and that our business will continue to operate so we can support our clients and customers seamlessly—even in the event of unexpected interruptions.

Issues Faced Globally

Throughout 2015, both our internal emergency response and our Business Continuity plans were tested and used during events that occurred at many of our facilities. Business Continuity plans were implemented on 26 different occasions at our worldwide locations due to weather-related delays/closings, power outages, and environmental-related (e.g., smog, air pollution) closings.

 2015 Accomplishments

  • Reviewed plans for communication to employees during IT outages and our ability to provide status updates.
  • Participated in exercises on Cyber Security and our readiness for such a situation.
  • Attendance by our Crisis Management Team at a presentation regarding the biggest challenges and security threats for business.
  • Continued to track all Cartus travelers and communicated with travelers as necessary regarding situations that might occur while traveling (e.g., security issues, airborne illness concerns, airport delays, weather issues, etc.).
  • Successfully executed our annual Data Center Disaster Recovery Exercise and participated in two Realogy disaster recovery exercises.

2016 Goals

This year, an overriding goal of the Crisis Management team is to continue to work with every Cartus office worldwide to make certain that their Business Continuity Plan is up to date and viable. Other initiatives include ongoing training for our Crisis teams worldwide and continually providing information and training to employees worldwide regarding the management of all types of crises.

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