July 29, 2019

Worldwide ERC Innovation Spotlight: Solving Wicked Relocation Problems with Design Thinking

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Worldwide ERC Innovation Spotlight: Solving Wicked Relocation Problems with Design Thinking

Cartus is psyched to once again work with Worldwide ERC® to promote the latest trends and hot topics in the relocation landscape in their Innovation Spotlight feature. Kader Sakkaria, VP, Strategic Development at Cartus recently authored an article for Worldwide ERC’s website, Design Thinking in a Digital Age, which explores how human-centered design thinking can help organizations solve “wicked problems” that lack straightforward or even objectively “right” answers, including those related to relocation.

In the article, Kader explores the two key questions designers need to answer to design the next great—and I don’t mean to get technical here— “thing”:

1. How do I build the right thing?

  • Uncovering user needs and wants
  • Defining the real problem
  • Aligning on the best way to solve
  • Prioritizing innovative ideas
  • Getting buy-in faster

2. How do I build the thing right?

  • Solving the problem while optimizing for accelerated adoption
  • Passing to the Agile build team for “sprints” towards a minimally viable product, or MVP
  • Continuing to adapt and improve in beta tests towards a minimally marketable product, or MMP
  • Releasing your masterpiece to the world!

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Be sure to read this interesting Worldwide ERC® Innovation Spotlight article.

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