Citizenship, both at a local and global level, is integral to the Cartus culture. It defines who we are as a company, and guides our approach to working with our clients and relocating employees. We promote many initiatives that seek to make our company, and our world, a better place to live, work, and move in.

Community Involvement

To show our commitment to where we live and work, Cartus maintains a Charitable Giving Advisory Board and a Cartus Cares charitable giving foundation to support the work employees do in caring for our communities. Globally, our employees volunteer thousands of hours annually, with charitable efforts and involvement around the world.

The United Nations Global Compact

UN Global Compact WebsiteCartus takes great pride in the breadth and depth of our global citizenship and sustainability efforts. One key example of our commitment is participation in the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative established in 2000 that asks companies to actively support 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. Today, nearly 10,000 companies in 161 countries around the world are joined in driving improvement in these 10 fundamental areas.

We welcome the opportunity of making public our commitment to the UN Global Compact's 10 principles because they correspond so closely with the values that underlie our own company. In addition, participation strengthens our ability to influence other companies, including the suppliers we work with, to embrace these principles in their own operations.

As part of our participation, Cartus has committed to publicly communicate the continuing progress we achieve in applying these principles in our global business operations.

Environmental Stewardship

Cartus has a long-standing organizational commitment to environmentally responsible policies and practices and has been actively creating programs to help protect the environment. At the same time, our employees bring their own personal passion for conservation to the workplace.

The Cartus Conservation Committee

Our commitment to conservation led to the formation of the Cartus Conservation Committee in 2002. Today, Cartus has conservation/green committees in service centers worldwide. The Conservation Committee is a driving force responsible for implementing formal company policies that reduce the company's impact on the environment, introducing measures that are practical, economical, and environmentally beneficial.

Reducing waste and conserving energy

We recognize that good stewardship of the planet is consistent with good financial management of the business. For this reason, we promote many initiatives with direct or indirect conservation benefits, such as email, reduced printing, teleconferencing and Web conferencing, and electronic invoicing and online billing. These efforts have contributed to several awards received for excellence in office management.

Human Rights

The Cartus culture drives everything we do—both collectively as an organization and individually as members of the Cartus family. As part of that culture, we understand the important role we have in implementing a policy of support for the international human rights of our employees, suppliers, and communities globally. To make sure that Cartus continues to live these principles daily, we conduct annual reviews of our business with a focus on human rights. We are committed to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking do not exist in any part of our business or supply chain. 

Health, Safety, and Security

The personal health and safety of each Cartus employee is of primary importance. The company has a duty to provide a safe working environment for our employees, but we go far beyond this level of responsibility to encourage and support the overall health and safety of all employees, including contract and temporary workers.

The Cartus Health and Safety Program

The Cartus Health and Safety Program provides the framework for achieving our goals in this important area, ensuring that safety is not compromised and is given precedence over operating productivity. Through a comprehensive safety and health prevention program we can reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and illnesses to an absolute minimum, and in this way enhance the well-being of every Cartus employee.

The Health and Safety Program (HSP) is administered by the Human Resources and Facilities Departments. However, safety is the responsibility of each and every employee. Accordingly, managers and their staff are accountable in their areas of operation, and employees are accountable for adhering to the rules, regulations, and other provisions of our safety program.

The Cartus Privacy Promise

Privacy_PromiseOne significant contributor to our success is the trust our clients have extended to us. We preserve this trust every day by keeping their information and their interests safe and protected. We call this pledge The Cartus Privacy Promise. The Privacy Promise is our commitment to keeping your information secure. We back this pledge with the people, processes, and technology supported by leadership, investment, and the Six Sigma discipline of our company. The purpose is to provide an overview of our robust Information Security program and demonstrate our strategies for protecting the security of confidential information of our customers and their transferring employees.