Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) isn’t just a concept—it’s an action.

Behind every successful relocation program, a strong focus on DE&I helps organizations better support relocating employees and their families. From an initial move to ongoing intercultural and language support, there are many facets of global talent mobility that rely on a thorough understanding of DE&I—not only to relocate employees but to provide a solid foundation for their continued growth within the company.

At Cartus, we're helping our clients align their global mobility policy to their DE&I priorities—enabling companies to achieve their organizational goals while creating a more supportive work environment for their diverse employees. How are you empowering your globally diverse workforce through policy? Our global mobility team is here to help shape and evolve your DE&I journey, from updating your global mobility policy to connecting the dots to make employees feel like they belong.

Don't make DE&I an afterthought to your global mobility strategy. Learn how to:

  • Support employee inclusion
  • Increase accessibility
  • Address unconscious bias
  • And more

Featuring Strategic Leadership by Lisa Johnson, Director, Global DE&I Solutions

Lisa Johnson headshot - cropped 2022.jpgIn 2022, Cartus welcomed Lisa Johnson to the new role of Director, Global DE&I Solutions, to represent Cartus in the DE&I space as a thought leader and solution facilitator for clients looking to address Global DE&I in their workforce solutions. As companies search for guidance in order to shape meaningful and impactful DE&I principles and directives within their organization, Lisa—with significant DE&I expertise and capability—will help guide organizations into the future.

“We are in a unique moment where companies are prioritizing and accelerating DE&I strategies more than ever. I am excited to work with global mobility teams to align their policies and processes to DE&I. For me, DE&I Mobility is about making sure traditionally underrepresented employees also get new career opportunities and, when anyone goes through a global mobility program, they can say that they feel like they belong.”

Lisa Johnson, Director, Global DE&I Solutions, Cartus

Inspiring Ongoing Research and Growth in the DE&I Space

2022-DEI-survey-thumb.pngAt Cartus, we are constantly looking for new ways to grow. Our 2022 DE&I and Global Mobility Pulse Survey continues the progress made in our 2021 survey by shedding light on new insights and best practices from over 40 global organizations and analyzing trends over the past two years in the DE&I space.

The survey report explores DE&I at a strategic and tactical level across the world. From best practices on supporting employee inclusion to practical tips for incorporating DE&I principles into policy review, the report highlights invaluable insights and actionable recommendations for organizations across industries and locations.

Be sure to take a look at our 2021 Pulse Survey, as well as our expanded regional pulse surveys reflecting on the 2021 Expat Academy annual conference in London and a mobility event in Shanghai.


From duty of care to core/flex policies, there are many engines for inclusion to help make your program more accessible. For more information or to get started today, reach out to us at cartussolutions@cartus.com.

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