Our Suppliers

Our Supply Chain Management group acts as our procurement arm to select the industry's most qualified suppliers and hold them to rigorous client-focused performance metrics.

All Cartus suppliers – who are part of the Cartus Global Network, GlobalNet® – use our global case management system to receive work orders and to provide ongoing updates on service delivery. This data is available to our employees 24/7 and is integrated for viewing by transferring employees and clients through CartusOnline®.

To ensure we are providing the most competitive rates in the industry, we continuously benchmark supplier fees and regularly issue requests for proposals for services. We then use our supplier independence to leverage our size and position in the industry to renegotiate fees as appropriate.

Most of our contracts are evergreen, with short terms for convenience and no volume commitment, which means we can establish better contract terms with anyone at any time. We can also work with a network that is client-directed, or with a blended network, where supplier use is determined by your requirements and direction.

Learn more about the Cartus GlobalNet® approach.

Service provider selection

We identify, recruit, train, and monitor top-quality service providers. To ensure that they deliver excellent service in local markets, we monitor service provider performance using rigorous standards set by our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation via employee service evaluations, frequency of service issues, and cost savings. Any network member who falls below our standards is placed on our Service Watch. Failure to meet requirements within 90 days results in discontinued use or termination.

Join our supplier network

We welcome applications from potential suppliers committed to providing high-quality services at competitive prices in their local markets. To learn more about the credentials and experience you'll need to join the Cartus network and what we expect from our suppliers, contact us at suppliermanagement@cartus.com.

All suppliers receiving written work orders from Cartus, which incorporate by reference the Terms and Conditions, agree that their provision of services under such work order constitutes acceptance of such Terms and Conditions.

Supplier Diversity Program

Do you operate a minority- or woman-owned company? Our Supplier Diversity Program is intended to build an awareness of the social responsibility of our company, our employees, and our partners and subcontractors to provide opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses.

Our plan is not a response to outside regulatory agencies or mandatory requirements; rather, it is a proactive effort to recognize and support programs that enhance the communities we serve and provide an economic stimulus for businesses owned by minorities and women. Our goal is to maximize participation through the development of mutually beneficial business relationships with these firms on all contracting and subcontracting levels.

For more information, contact us at diversity@cartus.com, or register now as a Certified Minority- or Woman-Owned Supplier.

The Anywhere Real Estate Network

Everyone benefits when your relocating employees work through the Anywhere Real Estate Network (formerly the Cartus Broker Network). For you, the results include cost savings, more productive moves, and smoother transactions for your employees. For your employees, it means working with a specially trained agent who is held to one of the industry's highest performance standards.

For more information about the value of the Anywhere Real Estate Network, contact us at brokers@cartus.com.

UK Stakeholder Engagement Statement

As employees of the company, the directors are involved in the day-to-day operations and decision making related to business strategy, employees, and suppliers. In 2019, the directors met throughout the course of the year to review and approve the financial results, the current year budget, and discuss the status of our strategic initiatives. The board members also report into the parent company, Cartus Corporation, through their respective functional area. The directors strongly believe that Cartus Limited will only succeed by working with its clients, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in conjunction with its employees. Working together is critical, particularly at a time when businesses are facing many issues, such as changing work environments.

Cartus Limited continues to build on its long track record of strong relationships and partnerships with our clients, suppliers, and employees.

Our clients and customers are our key focus. Ensuring a high-quality experience of our services to our clients and their employees while maintaining our ethical standards is our goal every day. Understanding our clients and customers’ needs is vital to determining our product offerings and how we invest in our technologies. Our Directors and management teams engage with our clients through regular dialogue and face-to-face meetings.

Our suppliers are an extension of the quality service we deliver to our customers. It is important that the companies we work with to assist in the delivery of our services maintain the same level of commitment to excellence and ethics as we do at Cartus Limited and Cartus as a whole. We endeavor to maintain an effective and efficient supply chain, which allows us to deliver quality service to our customers, and by extension, our clients. Our directors and management teams engage with our suppliers through annual events, performance reviews and regular dialogue and training.