Life at Cartus - Explore Our Culture

Employee engagement is the common thread woven through the fabric of our culture at Cartus. Expressed vibrantly in many ways across the globe, employees collaborate to create and enjoy a number of company-sponsored and employee-initiated programs that capture and nurture the values, concerns, and causes that are important to them. 

Social clubs and employee networks

Cartus offers a vast spectrum of engaging clubs, groups, and networks in which our employees can participate and contribute their unique talents, backgrounds, and understanding. Along with our local Diversity and Inclusion Councils, we sponsor multicultural events and special interest programs such as Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBT Pride Month, and Disability Awareness Month. Employees may sample ethnic cuisine, participate in contests, enjoy a guest speaker, or experience the artistry of folk dances. A monthly employee photo contest showcases the photographic talents of Cartus employees across the globe, with the winning images gracing our annual Diversity Calendar, Facebook pages, and annual Global Citizenship brochure.

Additional employee groups include recreational, educational, and charitable interests: painting classes, Shutterbugs Photography Club, Cartus Foodies Group, Cardiacs Running Club, Conservation Committee, Esprit de Corps, Toastmasters International, Holiday Choir, Knitting Club, Women’s Advisory Council, Book Clubs, and Cancer Survivor Support. 

As a Cartus employee, our culture encourages you to make your experience here personally meaningful while building relationships with others. 

Giving back

Cartus employees are not only passionate about their work, they are also passionate about caring for their communities, as evidenced by their dedication to raising awareness, generosity in volunteering, and creativity in fundraising. Recently, employees raised over US$470,000 for multiple charities through numerous, locally led and fun events such as “Walk n’ Roll” and “Potluck Wars.” Cartus Cares teams also organize events in our offices around the world for employees to lend their talents and offer hands-on help. Whether supporting Junior Achievement, volunteering time for the United Way Day of Action, reading to children at an adopted school, mentoring, collecting supply baskets for the homeless, or competing in a fundraising cake-baking competition…our employees enjoy making our communities better for everyone.


Growth and development

Your personal and professional growth is just beginning with your initial opportunity at Cartus. Recognized as a Top 125 Company for 16 consecutive years by Training Magazine, our Learning and Development platform and philosophy supports and encourages continuous goal setting and success. Whether the focus is career development, interpersonal skills, leadership development, or technical training, programs are available through flexible options such as traditional classrooms, self-paced elearning, Webexes, mentoring programs, chairside training, and podcasts. Additionally, an expansive library of books and articles supplement customization based on your individual needs and interests.

Balancing your personal and professional life

We know how important it is to achieve balance – yet it can also be the most challenging task as career and life circumstances often change. Cartus takes pride and effort in offering employees a variety of options to ease the challenge and stress that is…life!

More than 60% of Cartus employees participate in some form of flexible work arrangement: flex scheduling, full- or part-time telecommuting, or compressed work week. For days at the office, Cartus offers convenient amenities so you can get more done in less time. Depending on your office location, you may be able to drop off your dry cleaning, have an onsite massage during lunch, or enjoy a spinning class at the gym, all before picking up a Homeward Bound Dinner to go from our cafeteria.

Work-life balance also means supporting your personal goals as well as your professional ones. Cartus encourages and celebrates personal advancement and achievements by sponsoring activities throughout the year, such as our education and entrepreneur fairs where you can discover continuing education opportunities or promote your unique talent or side business to the Cartus community.

Our initiatives have earned awards from the Society for Human Resources Management, the Alliance for Work/Life Progress, HR Magazine, Workforce Magazine, and TriCom Singapore.

A focus on wellness

Hand-in-hand with a balanced lifestyle is attention to overall wellness. Through our signature wellness program, iThrive, we place emphasis on taking care of yourself with events and programs targeting health, fitness, prevention, and educational topics that complement our local programs. 

At Cartus locations around the world, employees can take advantage of exercise groups, mobile mammography and other health screenings, on-site wellness fairs, fruit-at-work programs, and various Lunch & Learn educational sessions.

Additionally, our corporate headquarters features a new state-of-the-art fitness center/locker room facility offering group classes and personal training options. Our expanded on-site Wellness Center, staffed by a Physician’s Assistant, is available for employees free of charge.