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blogs / 08 JUN 2021

Cartus Amplifies Service Delivery with Technology-enhanced Coaching Solutions

Rob Line

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As organizations continue to expand internationally and adopt remote work solutions, human connection is of the utmost importance. Our goal at Cartus is to ensure that our technology enhances our industry-leading services through stronger experiences and better outcomes for our clients and their employees.

We are excited to announce Intercultural & Language Solutions’ new digital learning environment, which guides employees throughout their journey and coaches them through life-changing career and personal transitions.

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Developing “Power Skills”

With organizations adapting their talent recruitment and development initiatives to focus on “power skills”—behaviors like agility, creativity, flexibility, empathy, and effective communication—it is becoming increasingly more important to create a diverse, inclusive workforce. The rapidly evolving global business environment calls for organizations that can collaborate, innovate, and compete more effectively than ever before.

Focusing on Human Connection

Building confidence. Shifting mindset. Inspiring wellness. Cartus—through its technology-supported coaching approach for both language and cultural transition—helps create relationships that propel employees to the next level of their professional and personal lives by not only preparing them for their new role, but motivating them toward proactive personal and professional growth. We are excited to be at the forefront of helping employees grow in their personal and professional lives.

At Cartus, we believe an international relocation and the journey to confidence, independence, and positive growth are unique for each and every individual. That’s why we not only welcome assignees to their new home but set each one up for their definition of success. We bring together language and cultural coaching in a shared digital learning environment to provide a single, unified transition support experience and custom pathways—delivered in-person or virtually—for employees and their family. Each individual enjoys a more engaging, personalized experience that makes them feel connected to their personal learning path and professional goals. With the digital launch of our personalized Intercultural & Language Solutions, we are proud to continue to transform the industry and equip global talent with the skills and knowledge necessary to expertly navigate the complexity of today’s diverse, global business environment while driving optimal success in their organizations.

For more information, be sure to read our latest press release.

Headshot of Blog Author Rob Line

Rob Line

As Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Rob directs a broad spectrum of activity, leading some of the region’s most complex outsourced corporate relocation engagements, driving operational excellence and account relationships for key clients. Throughout the past decade, engagements under Rob’s direction have won multiple industry and client awards. In addition, he is responsible for Cartus Asia’s Moving Services business, all India service hub activity and multi-location operational teams for Cartus.