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blogs / 29 SEP 2021

China Celebrates National Day Post Pandemic

Ivan Shen

china independence day

China celebrates National Day on October 1 to commemorate the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. National Day also marks the beginning of the week-long holiday known as Golden Week (黄金周, huang jin zhou) from October 1 to October 7. This is a time where most offices close and many take the chance to travel and go back to their hometown (if local regulations allow). Do expect some delays if you plan to relocate or travel to China during this time as there will be slower response from vendors during this period.

This year, China will resume most of its celebration as the pandemic situation has been relatively well-controlled for the past year. Learn more about the origins of China National Day and some of the celebrations lined up this year:

China Independence Day

It is interesting to note that China Independence Day was originally on September 21, 1949. On October 1, 1949, a grand ceremony was held at Tiananmen Square to celebrate the forming of the new Central People's Government for the country. On the following day, the new government passed the “Resolution on the National Day of the People's Republic of China” and declared October 1 to be China National Day.

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The National Day Flag Raising Ceremony

It has been a long-standing tradition to start the National Day celebration with a special flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square, a monument in the city centre of Beijing, China’s Capital. The square is decorated with flags and portraits, and uniformed troops will march out to start the flag raising ceremony at sunrise. Every five years, the grand military reviews are held at the Square which attracts many to watch from both home and abroad. The military reviews are usually followed by huge parades showcased by Chinese citizens to express their patriotic feelings.

Celebration in Smaller Cities

Activities like flag-raising ceremonies, concerts, firework displays, and painting and calligraphy exhibitions are also held in the different cities of China to celebrate National Day.

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Travelling During Golden Week

Travelling in China has gradually resumed, and intercity/province travel is now possible. Foreign nationals currently in China can travel within China as long as they have the necessary documents (including ID card, passport, and green health code). As this is one of the busiest travelling periods within China, here are some tips to help you plan for your travels:

  • Try to avoid travelling to popular places during this period.

  • Book tourist attractions early to avoid disappointment.

  • Book hotels/flights/train tickets early as they are limited.

  • Reach out to agencies early to make the necessary arrangements—accommodations and flights are significantly pricier, especially to popular cities during this time.

  • Check for applicable health and safety rules at the destination city, and bring items such as masks, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, and mosquito repellents. Travellers are required to follow the respective destination’s regulations for public transportation and scenic spots.

Impact to Relocation

During the week-long holiday, many offices and embassies will be closed, while malls are still open. If you are relocating during this period, do expect delays in immigration applications, housing searches, and shipment of household goods; additionally, there will be limited flights due to heavy traffic.

Cartus wishes you and your family a happy holiday!

Should you or your assignees have any questions regarding relocation to China during this period, please contact your Cartus representative or email

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