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PODCAST / 04 OCT 2022

Mobility Matters, Episode 6: “DE&I at Cartus: Amplifying Our Personal Stories Through Brave Space”

In this episode, we join Cartus' Lisa Johnson, Jocelyn Tiner, Roisin McCarthy, and Ivan Corsino to discuss a wonderful new program within the DE&I space—and what it means to the Cartus community.

This episode explores a unique Cartus initiative called Brave Space, where employees of all levels come together once a month to have meaningful conversations within a safe space. How did Brave Space evolve? How do employees feel about their participation? Learn more in this episode of Mobility Matters.

Headshot of Blog Author Nadia Sobehart

Nadia Sobehart

Nadia Sobehart joined Cartus in 2020 as the Marketing and Communications Manager overlooking the Americas division. From product launches to ongoing internal support, Nadia's word craft and creative insights can be found sprinkled throughout Cartus. New to global mobility from the healthcare and travel industries, Nadia continues her immersion into the world of relocation and all of its intricacies in order to support Cartus' brand and strategic initiatives moving forward.