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blogs / 05 JUL 2022

Employee Retention through M&As and Facility Consolidations (Post-Pandemic)

Crystal Abbey

employee retention post pandemic
Employee Retention through M&As and Facility Consolidations (Post-Pandemic)

For more insights into group moves in today’s work environment and the current challenges facing organizations, we invite you to read our latest white paper.

Everyone has been impacted in one way or another over the past year. Our lives have changed, and most of us are working very differently than we were a year ago.

Now that companies are searching for some form of normalcy, a “new norm” will begin to take form for most organizations around the globe. It appears that remote work may be the new norm for some companies. On the other hand, due to the nature of particular industries, some companies require their employees to be on site. Furthermore, those coming to terms with a hybrid approach often wish to focus on retaining their critical talent.

Workforces look very different these days, as do the brick-and-mortars that once housed these employees. Companies are restructuring, consolidating, and even relocating. So now the question becomes, “How do organizations get their employees on board and willing to relocate, particularly if they continue to work remotely?”

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Companies must think differently and be more flexible than ever before if they wish to retain their key employees; otherwise, another company will step in, and employees know this.

Group moves are unique and have always required a customized approach, different than a typical relocation. Today, as companies plan their group moves, the challenges brought on by the pandemic add a new level of complexity that many companies are not ready to handle.

In our latest white paper, “Reimagining Employee Retention Post-Pandemic,” we explore:

  • how organizations around the globe are contending with a whole new level of expectations from their workforce

  • what actions companies must take to retain optimal talent and navigate the new demands of the workforce

  • how these organizations can establish goals and objectives in constructing a program plan

  • how they can measure success accordingly

As companies look to consolidate and/or relocate their facilities or their headquarters, careful planning and attention to employee needs can be the difference between a successful group move and a less-than-ideal one.

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Crystal Abbey

Crystal joined the Cartus Sales team in 2014 as Director, Strategic Business Solutions. She was formerly a manager in Consulting Services and has more than 35 years of experience in global mobility.