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blogs / 15 FEB 2022

“An excellent experience must last the entire journey”—Webinar Recap: Optimising the Employee Relocation Journey

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On 19 January, Cartus APAC kicked off 2022 with the first Global Mobility Insights Webinar, “Optimising Employee’s Relocation Journey: 2022.”

As companies gear up for the year ahead, trending phrases such as "Remote Work", "Flexibility" and "Customer Experience (CX)" seem to be in the forefront of organisations' planning—an indication of how the environment in which we operate has changed significantly and is still evolving.

Our speaker panel from Cartus Global Talent Mobility Management Group, Leigh Ng, Marija Kraft, and Alzone Ang shared insights on the role of global mobility in an employees' relocation journey in today's landscape and the evolving factors we need to consider. The session included a CX case study of a Cartus global tech client. Watch the recording here.

Customer Experience to Win the Talent War

For the past year, the war for talent has been intensifying across organisations where demand has consistently outpaced supply. A less than perfect relocation journey may put a lot of distance and widen this gap between an employee and the organisation. It may even become a differentiator for the employer in employee retention and hiring.

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Following are key discussion points included in the session:

  • Importance of creating a positive Customer Experience (CX) as part of employee retention and the deployment of a global mobility program that is impactful and customised to employees’ needs, whilst fulfilling duty of care and company objectives.

  • Shift from a traditional top-down organisation-centric policy to an employee-driven needs analysis model – a design-thinking approach to deploying your new mobility program

  • Critical components (in today’s context) that is important in making up an excellent customer experience such as cultural awareness, high touch services, access to digital tools and mental and health support

  • The importance of listening to an employees’ needs and providing guidance with the support of an experienced Cartus Consultant throughout each touchpoint of the relocation journey, which makes up the overall experience.

  • A case study of how Cartus co-led a CX Project with our client to examine the current state of their employee relocation journey. This feedback (wow/pain moments of the employee) were used to fine-tuned each touchpoint to create a better overall employee experience.

CX Project Goals

We have talked so much about the journey and detailing what makes up an excellent customer experience. So why are journeys more effective at driving results? For one thing, journeys are more predictive of desired outcomes, and performance on journeys are intrinsically connected with business outcomes. With this in mind, it is key to remember that an excellent experience must last the entire journey.

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